justice3DNA Expert Witness
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DNA Expert Witness

  • Court Qualified in DNA, Statistics & Biology
  • Criminal, Civil, and Capital Cases
  • Expert Analysis and Evaluation
  • 50+ Years Combined Experience
  • Ph.D. Staff
  • Active Working forensic DNA Laboratory
  • Fully Accredited
    - AABB
    - ISO/IEC-17025

The staff has expertise and validated protocols for trace DNA extractions and analysis, CODIS STR analysis, Y-STR analysis, and body fluid identification (semen, saliva, blood and sperm). We are dedicated to providing fast service and rapid turn-around time for all forensic DNA analysis including Serology/Biology testing. Our facility has separate office and laboratory space and is dedicated exclusively to DNA analysis. The laboratory contains a suite of isolated laboratory rooms where all extractions, amplifications and analysis are performed. Capabilities include robotic liquid handling and both single and multi-capillary instrumentation. The staff has more than 30 yrs combined molecular biological and forensics DNA experience and has previously successfully managed an annual contract for more than 8,000 cases per year.

Independent Forensics adheres to the FBI’s Quality Assurance Standards for DNA testing and is accredited by the Forensic Quality Services to ISO/IEC-17025 Standards (FQS) and subscribes external proficiency testing for both forensic and paternity accreditations. As per inspection and audit guidelines we have a complete set of laboratory SOPs, QA/QC manuals, Staff Manuals, Safety Documentation, Employee Manuals and MSDS as required by state and federal statutes.

All paternity testing is performed according to the guidelines of the American Association of Blood Banks.

The Department of Health for the State of New York accredits all laboratories doing business in the State of New York.

The laboratory suite has been designed to facilitate workflow, sample storage, DNA extraction and DNA analysis. The lab suite contains general laboratory space, exhibit processing, wet bench facilities, office space and meeting rooms. The laboratory has both and DNA processing and Research and Development instrumentation. Additional secure storage, both freezer and room temperature, is availed for records, convicted offender samples and exhibits of all kinds.

Independent Forensics has a computer tracking system that monitors all sample processing and QA/QC steps in the laboratory and is designed to assure that samples are correctly labeled, processed and analyzed in compliance with the FBI’s quality assurance and quality control standards. The system provides chain of custody control throughout the process of DNA profiling, insuring access to historical and real-time reporting of all steps performed.

Fast Turn Around Time:
Our goal is to reduce turn-around time from weeks to days. Please contact us for current estimates.

Laboratory Directors:
The Laboratory Director and Technical leader, Dr. P.W. Boonlayangoor has more than 20 years experience in DNA forensic and paternity testing. He is a graduate of the Chicago Medical School and was formerly Laboratory Director at the Illinois Masonic Medical Center, established the first DNA paternity testing laboratory for the City of Chicago at Cook County Hospital and was an adjunct professor in Forensics and Immuno-hematology at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He pioneered the first DNA testing laboratory in the state of Illinois (1988) and held the State of Illinois Paternity Testing contract for five years. In addition to his laboratory and management experience he has been an expert witness for both the prosecution and defense for more than ten years and testified at more than 1,000 paternity cases and more than 50 high profile DNA criminal cases. Dr. Boonlayangoor is renowned for his expertise in DNA testing and was invited by the Illinois Judicial Committee to co-author the state laws governing the use of DNA testing to expedite child support.

Dr. Karl Reich, Chief Scientific Officer, has more than 20 years of experience in chemistry, molecular biology and biochemistry. He was trained in chemistry at Cornell, has a graduate degree in Molecular Biology from ULCA and Harvard, 2 yrs post-doctoral training at the Institut Pasteur (Paris) and 6 yrs additional post-doctoral work in molecular biology and genetics at Stanford Medical School. His industrial and managerial experience includes five years as a Group Leader in Genomics and Protein Biochemistry at Abbott Laboratory where he was involved in Research and Development as well as GLP protein production and Quality Assurance and Quality Control projects. Dr. Reich is a court qualified DNA expert and has testified in numerous cases.



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